Word Up! is looking for freelancers, contractors, small biz owners for new video series

Word Up! is looking for freelancers, contractors, small biz owners for new video series

Word Up! Is looking for freelancers, duo’s, sole traders and small biz owners for new video series

The planetfem network is looking for freelancers, duo’s and sole traders to feature in its new video series Word Up!

Word Up! is the video format that aims to provide a podium for talented people with a interesting story to tell about their small business. Whether you’re a coach with a unique approach, a musician that writes lyrics to inspire, a cook who somehow knows to to combine different tastes that stimulate the palette or perhaps you’re a social media expert who knows how to reach people online. Whatever your forte, whatever your passion there are people all over the whole who need your services. Planetfem and Word Up! bring you together.

Freelancers, duo’s, sole traders and small business owners are invited to apply for selection in the Word Up! series. There are limited places avalable for candidates in this internet series which will be broadcast throughout the international planetfem network  and reaching over 5 million unique visitors, per month world wide. Each video will be a total of 3 minutes long and therefore your story should be strong, memorable and offer your target group something they need.

If you have a small business or are starting out as a freelancer and wish to reach more people and gain better brand awareness, then Word Up! is precisely for you.

What you’ll need to do.

1 – You’ll need to dedicate a hour of your time for filming at an external location or possibly at you own office or work area (within the Netherlands).
2 – You should be able to present yourself well in front of the camera in a pleasant and motivating manner (tip: practice in front of a mirror)
3 – Prepare 3 golden tips about your service/business which will help others – this will be used in your video.
4 – You’ll need to link your video to your own website or Facebook (fan)page.

The video will be filmed in an interview style. The questions will be cut out of the video and you will answer and if applicable, demonstrate to camera

What you’ll get back in return.

1 –  Your video will be part of the series of planetfem shorts (Word Up!) and remain archived online
2 – Your video will be broadcast within the planetfem network of website (20 websites) for a period of 7 days (national or international depending on the service you offer and the language you wish to present in) as well as on YouTube.
3 – You’ll receive your own unbranded (powered by planetfem) version of the video which you can use on your own site and for your own promotion after the initial planetfem broadcasting.
4 – Your website and contact details will be visible within the video


If you’re ready to take a leap, get noticed  and heard and offer your target group a service that they need, then please get in contact with us.
Email a short motivation about yourself and your service to info@planetfem.com. Make sure you include ‘Word up!’ in the subject line of your email.

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